Fashion Demand | is a ready-to-wear brand based in Lebanon that exclusively caters to women’s fashion and accessories. We offer a wardrobe that embodies high quality fabrics and finishes with an array of different styles and cuts, keeping a close eye on current and future trends in the market. We produce a variety of styles from hand embroidered slogans on t-shirts, to embellished trims and illustrative patterns on dresses and jackets. 


We pride ourselves on personalizing our products with our own unique in-house hand sewing techniques. These mainly include our signature beading techniques; so that each item is in its own right unique and has that artisan label; “no one piece is the same as any other’.


We accredit our success to our good relationships with clients and our very special team of expert designers and artisans who come from various backgrounds in fashion and the arts. They assist in curating our collections and bringing our artistic vision to life, whether it be in the production or in the design development of our collections. 


In addition to the production of our in-house collections, we also provide customized work to existing products or create bespoke items from scratch; as we strive to meet the satisfaction of our client's needs, being it our first and foremost priority. We aim to provide our dear clients with a fully rounded personal service experience that includes as little limitations as possible with the quality that they deserve.